Christian McBride  ....ah youth

Freddie Hubbard at Concord Jazz Fest
"Robert has always served this community with his music and with his tireless efforts representing those who lacked a vehicle to acquire the basic necessities of life.  He's bringing all these great old players out of the woodwork with his jam sessions.  But as is the case for all of us (resident musicians) we often can't get sufficient gigs in our own area or receive the attention or recognition our efforts deserve.” 
pianist/educator Ed Kelly.  
Instead of being recognized for his good works Robert Porter is now having his low income residence status reviewed because it is assumed that his Sunday night jam sessions at the Birdcage which have become the lifeblood of some stellar musicians is making him too wealthy.  But this is not a sad story.  Robert Porter is not a sad cat.  He reminds me a little of Joe Frazier.  No matter what you throw at him he keeps on coming, bobbing and weaving till he finds a way inside so he can start working on his adversary.  It seems he was born into both a life of music and hard times.
World Sax Quartet Moscone Center

Bobby Watson at Yoshi's Oakland

All Star Tribute to Diz
Can name these band members?

Trumpeter Arturo Sandoval appears to have lightening coming out of his back

ARTURO SANDOVAL lights up the stage at  Kimbals East 

Legendary Patato Valdez  (hands so fast they blur) with Steve Turre playing conch shell

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