Hugh Masekela Kimballs
Master musician Hamza El Din playing drum
HAMZA EL DIN Great American Music Hall
 I first met Hamza El Din at California School of Professional Psychology.  One of the greatest musicians in the world sitting there unrecognized waiting for a friend.  
Friendly warm and welcoming, as I peppered him with praise and questions.

HAMZA EL DIN "Preachin The Blues"
Hamza El Din Playing his oud at The Great American Music Hall
Drummer performing with World Sax Quartet at the SF JAZZ FEST
percussionist Don Alias playing congas
Don Alias Kimballs

Hugh Masekela pointing the way for us all

Puerto Rican percussionist played with Dizzy Gillespie Dizzy Gillespie's (United Nations Orchestra),Eddie Palmieri, Changuito etc
Marisa Montes singing to the light
Marisa Montes one of Brazil's greatest singers. Shot on film at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco

Brazilian Singer Leni Andrade
Leni Andrade at Yoshi's 3 views
Zakir Hussain the fastest hands in the ....
The drum and the dance are one

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